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When it comes to direct payday lenders no credit check there are not many out there – not many at all to be honest! So we thought we’d go on a hunt and do the hard work for you. On our travels down the deep and dark places of the payday loans market place, we found a ray of light than shone so bright it was like an angel guiding you home! Ok, it wasn’t THAT great but it’s still a really good company offering direct payday loans with no credit check.

After broker site after broker site (yeah we know, the search engine results are FILLED with them, grrr!) we came across a direct payday lender that was a fair price and didn’t perform credit checks on its borrowers. This lender is popular too and boasts lots of happy customers. Sadly we could only find the one lender on our mission but it wasn’t for the lack of trying. It seems that direct payday lenders no credit checks are hard to come by. So who did we find?

Wage Day Advance – A true no credit check payday loans lender

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Representative 2814.2% APR

Wage Day Advance are a true no credit checks payday loan lender right here in the UK and have been supplying people with payday loans with no credit checks since 2004. They have a simple charge of £14.75 per £50 you borrow and this is pretty standard considering the industry they’re in. They offer direct payday loans with no credit check between £80 and £750 and their website is very easy to use and hassle free. A great thing about this direct lender is that they are very open about their charges and have a full section dedicated to them. This means no nasty surprises!

You can request an extension but not recommended as always best to pay off your debts as soon as possible. They do offer same day no credit check payday loans but sadly this comes with an extra price tag of £15 which is deducated from the amount they send you. If you can wait a few days then it’s free. Oh did I mention then are a no credit checks direct payday lender? (oh, wait a min…)

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, a true direct payday loans lenders for no credit check payday loans. Thanks for reading and do get in touch if you’ve anything to add to this page.

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